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LodgingWise's invested in the hotel industry. We're here to make guest experience smoother by automating and optimise their stay.

Technology continues to shape our daily lives, even within the realm of hospitality. Hotel properties are now spending more than ever on new technology to enhance the guest experience, within the guest rooms themselves and even behind the scenes for backend operations. A variety of new tech will be used, but collectively they allow hotels to provide quicker services and more personalized experiences to their customers.


LodgingWise's future product includes a kiosk for automated check-in. This kiosk allows a guest to check-in to the room without any human interaction or waiting in line at the front desk, think airport kiosks but for the hotel industry.


Feedback is one of the most important aspects for a hotel to collect from its users. LodgingWise takes care of this for you, our LodgingWise Review Your Stay software messages each guest after their stay asking them how their stay was. Based on their response our software directs them to leaving a 5 stay review on Google/TripAdvisor/Yelp or we collect the guests feedback and send it over to the hotel directly.

It's true, technology improves the hospitality business.

LodgingWise's SMS solution can be used to request feedback, follow up with reluctant customers, or pacify dissatisfied customers.

Data Points

Collecting feedback from guests has never been easy, we provide easy infrastructure for the guest to leave feedback after their stay. This not only helps the business improve in the future, but gives them the opportunity to make it right with the guest.

Reduce Negative Reviews

Text messaging is a good way to prevent negative reviews. A friendly reminder and a helping hand from LodgingWise should alleviate a conflict.

Built On Current Your LandLine

We get it, you don't want to have a random phone number messaging your guests. That's why our engineers integrate our software with your current hotel/motel landline. (Note: your phone company has no affilation and will not charge you extra, since this is our software that is running).

Increase Positive Online Reviews

Having positive online reviews is a key factor in attracting guests. That's why our software redirects a postive feedback guest onto Google, Tripadvisor or Yelp.

Guest Engagement

Texting lets guests ask questions, make service requests, and shortens the front desk line by streamlining the check-out processes.

Timing Is Key

Research shows that the best time to collect feedback from a guest, is within 1 - 4 hours of checkout. Our software automatically sends out messages at whatever time you desire. That way you can keep focused on your busy day while we take care of guest requests.

Why choose us?

Our software is known to affordable and reliable, computer scientists from Boston University have dedicates countless hours to ensure the product that you're getting is the best.

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